Sirloin Salad with Olives


500g rare roast beef, cut into thin slices
4 large red sweet peppers, roasted, skins removed, seeded and cut into strips
Tatsoi or rocket leaves
1 sachet (200g) green Buffet Olives, drained
1 sachet (200g) black Buffet Olives, drained
10ml capers
125ml tapenade

50g drained canned tuna
juice and finely grated rind of 1 lemon
5ml Dijon mustard
50ml olive oil

4 slices lightly toasted baguette
25ml olive oil
10ml each finely chopped parsley, basil and chives

  1. Start with the garnish. Dip the baguettes into olive oil and then into the herbs. Place one slice on a plate.
  2. Arrange the beef against the slant of bread. Top with peppers and surround the bread with tatsoi or rocket leaves, olives and capers. Dot tapenade over peppers and meat.

Process tuna, lemon juice, rind, mustard and olive oil in a food processor until smooth and dot over salad.

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