Black Olive Paste


1 can (85 g) anchovy fillets
500 ml coarsely chopped stoned black olives
1 can (200 g) tuna
65 ml drained capers
65 ml lemon juice
15 ml brandy
10 ml grated lemon rind
extra virgin olive oil


1. Drain the oil from the anchovy fillets into a measuring cup and set aside.

2. Transfer anchovies to a food processor. Add olives, tuna, capers, lemon juice and lemon rind. Process.

3. Add enough olive oil to the reserved anchovy oil (in the measuring cup) to make it up to 85 ml. Add this drop by drop to the olive mixture, pulsing after each addition. Transfer to a mixing bowl. Cover and chill.

Give your tapenade an individual touch by stirring 2 sieved hard-cooked eggs into the mixture.

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