Green, Queen, Pimiento olives are too salty.
Reason being that we want to keep the olives as natural as possible, without added additives. The salt and acid produced by the fermentation are the only preservatives present. If you find them too salty, rinse them in a bowl of fresh water for 30 minutes before serving.

There is a slight white layer around the Italian Black and Calamata Style olives
We use olive oil in our final brines. At temperatures below 15ยบ Celsius the olive oil starts to solidify slightly. It also happens when you store these olives in the fridge. This is a natural phenomenon called winterisation. At higher temperatures the oil will become liquid again with a wonderful gloss and taste on your olives.

Sometimes small pieces float in Pimiento packs.
This is small pieces of olive fibre, because the pip or stone is removed, the whole structure of the olive is changed. Over time small pieces of the flesh may come loose from inside the olive and float in the brine.

Sometimes Italian Black olives differ in colour.
These olives when harvested were not fully black. Therefore they differ in colour. The mottled appearance is because of areas that were not exposed to air when they were oxidised. This is no defect and does not influence the taste at all; in fact it is our second most popular line.

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