What makes Buffet Olives different?
Cape Olive Trust is an integrated business; growing, processing and packaging of final value added product. Very few processors in South Africa own their own groves. Advantage of this is that every step in the process can be managed and monitored, from the tree to the table.
Co-location of farm and factory. We can have the olives from the groves, picked, graded and in a fermentatioin tank within eight hours.
World class processing plant with state of the art packing lines and pasteuriser.
Collective expertise and intellectual capacity of more than twenty years in olive growing and processing in South Africa.
Experimental orchard managed in conjunction with ARC Infruitec to monitor and evaluate new and other cultivars for possible future plantings.
Slow maturation and natural fermentation of our olives, green for twelve months, and black for nine months. This ensures a unique taste and aroma.
Trusted Brand of more than twenty-five years that has always been good value for money.
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