Buffet Olives are cultivated and processed on a 300 hectare farm situated in the foothills of the Drakenstein Mountain range. Granite based soils in combination with a Mediterranean climate create the ideal conditions to grow superior olives. The co-location of a world-class processing facility qualifies the product to be truly estate grown, ultimately contributing to the quality of the final product. At Buffet, quality is a philosophy that extends beyond the product to the people themselves. Employees own equity in the business and as with the trees are nurtured to grow with the company.

Four main cultivars Mission, Manzanilla, Barouni and Kalamata are produced under the management of John Schrimgeour and his farm team. Top quality fruit processed fresh from the tree is the secret to the success of the Buffet brand. Hand picked at optimal ripeness the olives are washed and graded before entering a slow curing process under the watchful eye of Schalk Smit and his team in the factory. During this nine month natural fermentation process sugars are converted to lactic acid which gives the final product its characteristic pickled flavour. The final result -0lives with the tradition of the Mediteranean and the sun ripe flavour of the Cape.

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